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*Can I take a trial lesson?

Yes, you can, your first trial lesson is also free.

*Can I take several free trial lessons to try your offer, for example outside and inside?

We have a solution for that; our trial month. For only 25 euros you can try out all types of training for a month.

*How do I book a trial lesson?
You can find the 'trial lesson' button on our homepage.
  The website will then automatically send you to our app and schedule where you can book your trial lesson.


*What do I need to bring or know for a trial lesson?

You only need to bring a bottle of water and clothes that you can exercise in. For outside it is sometimes useful to have an extra layer on that you can always take off.


*Is my QR Code checked?

Yes, based on the current rules, we are obliged to check the QR code of every athlete on arrival. A ROOTS employee will scan your QR code at the bar. Because every athlete is registered for a training or Open Box, we can check the identification based on the data in the app.

  If no one is present at the bar (for example during the morning training sessions), make sure that you take your phone with you to the room. The trainer will then scan your QR code upon entering the room.


* Do I have to be present for a training much earlier?

No, we assume that the check will only take a few extra seconds of your time. Of course you are welcome to come earlier and wait at the bar.


* Will more rules apply?

No, for the time being there is only the rule that the QR code must be checked.


* How can I do sports without QR code?

For the time being, the QR code obligation only applies in the Box. So you are welcome without a QR code to train with all outdoor training sessions such as the Bootcamp and Outdoor training sessions.  


* Can I independently exercise outside with equipment?

Yes this is definitely possible! We will provide 2 x Open Air Box places outside. Currently without cover. We will set up a “material station” at the entrance of the Box. These materials can all be taken outside. In bad weather, the Barbells cannot go outside.


* I don't have a QR Code, can I pause my subscription?

No, a subscription can be paused in the event of a (long-term) injury, pregnancy or a long stay abroad (longer than 2 months). We do our utmost to ensure that every day there are opportunities to exercise outside without a QR code.



We closely follow the reporting from the outgoing cabinet and subsequently from the NOCNSF*. If rules change, we will update this FAQ as soon as possible. The rules can sometimes be interpreted in different ways and experience shows that the NOCNSF* elaborates the measures taken by the cabinet in detail for the sports sector. As a result, this FAQ may be amended later when the details are known from the NOCNSF*.


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