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We have a wide range of group lessons, here we explain the differences. We ensure that every lesson is different so that you are always challenged and you experience a lot of variety. You can do a lot at your own pace and strength, we challenge you to go all the way! 


We provide these training courses in our Box. You will get started with weights and equipment. Every workout is different so you will be surprised and challenged again and again. The workouts are the perfect combination of cardio and strength.


Basically the same as our PowerFit training sessions, but then you start at the Box, you grab the materials you need and you train outside in front of the Box. With your nose in the wind, but your kettlebell is coming along!


You know, the Human Flag. Training with only your body weight where everything revolves around muscle control, mobility, strength and flexibility.  


For when you want to blast through for a long time. Ultimate Fit is a training similar to the PowerFit but then intensive training for 90 minutes at a high level!


Are you a fan of the Barbell? Then these workouts are for you! These strength workouts are all about the barbell. Think: deadlifts, bench press and back squats.


Do you want to improve your technique with the barbell? Working on your Push Jerk, Front Squat, Push Press and much more? Then join this training. Specific exercises, a lot of technique and a lot of power.  

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