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personal training

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer in Utrecht? Then you have come to the right place at ROOTS. You can engage one of our trainers to get started with you. We have 7 trainers, each with their own specialty, but all equally skilled to set up a challenging customized trajectory with you.

It does not matter for what purpose you come to us. In addition to the well-known goal of getting fit again, many people also find their way to us when they want to feel good again. For example after a burnout or childbirth. We believe that exercising is part of the overall feeling of being (and feeling) healthy and fit. It's more than training. It is pushing your limits, taking steps, surprising and challenging yourself, learning new things and also feeling stronger. We help you on your way!

We mainly provide training at our location. It is equipped with all comforts and sufficient material. At home is also an option, this is possible in consultation.  

Are you curious? You can always schedule a resident intake with one of our trainers to see if we have a match! 



Personal Trainer

✓ Strength training

✓ Lifestyle coaching

✓ Progression management

Beschikbaar op:  in overleg

''The combination of pushing all my clients hard to achieve their goals and providing an environment for no judgement, empathy-based training and education is what I pride myself on''



Personal Trainer

✓ Calisthenics trainer

✓ Working on a strong foundation

✓ Strength Building

Available on: daily except Tuesday

"As a calisthenics trainer I will work with you on body weight training, where we focus on working on a strong foundation, building strength and applying the right technique during the exercises."


A N N E - L O T T E

Personal Trainer & Leefstijl coach

✓ Gezonde leefstijl coaching

✓ Chronische ziekte of beperking

✓ Zwanger & Fit

Beschikbaar op: maandag & woensdag

'' Ik ben opgeleid tot sportkundige en heb mijzelf gespecialiseerd in gezonde leefstijl en sporten met een chronische aandoening. Ik sta met een lach voor je klaar en samen maken wij er een duurzaam maar voor leuk traject van! ''



Owner & Personal Trainer

✓ Pregnant & Fit

✓ Rehabilitation/Back in Shape

✓ Strength Building

Available on: daily except Friday

''I have focused my specialization on getting back in shape. Building strength and recovery after, for example, a pregnancy, burnout or accident, so that you feel physically 1 - 0 behind."


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